Lafayette offers 51 areas of study across four academic divisions: humanities, social sciences, natural sciences, and engineering. Or work with professors to create your own major. Our interdisciplinary curriculum transcends academic boundaries and gives you the breadth and freedom to study what you're passionate about.

The College offers the bachelor of arts (A.B.) degree in 37 fields of study, including engineering, and the bachelor of science (B.S.) in 14 areas of science and four fields of engineering. You may define your own interdisciplinary major also, combining courses from several fields to achieve individual educational goals within the A.B. program.

Lafayette does not require you to choose a degree program before applying or enrolling. However, students who indicate engineering or one of the natural sciences as their possible major are assigned to a faculty adviser in that particular academic department upon arrival at Lafayette. Both A.B. and B.S. degree candidates declare their major near the end of the sophomore year. The first year of engineering study is common to all five engineering degrees, so you may choose to complete the shared basic courses and learn more about engineering before picking a particular engineering field for more advanced study.