We are committed to helping students become knowledgeable, reasoned, and mature members of our liberal arts community. To that end, the College offers many resources and opportunities that span the campus.

Learning how to use what is available in order to define one’s own academic and personal goals is a vital step to a student’s success in a classroom, library, laboratory, residence hall, organization, community project, and ultimately, a life of continued intellectual growth.

Each student has a team of advisors ready to assist, and students should cultivate the entirety of their advising network to optimize their Lafayette experience.

  • Faculty advisors guide young scholars on their academic paths through the Common Course of Study and departmental homes as well as, when appropriate, toward postgraduate study.
  • Class deans provide additional resources for students’ academic planning, monitor academic progress, and serve as a vital link between students and the faculty and staff/administrative services across the campus.
  • Deans and directors work with students on their co-curricular goals through programming that develops students’ skills across a range of areas of personal growth.
  • Resident advisors are student leaders help make residence halls not just places to live but places to learn.
  • Through Career Services, industry professionals work with students from their first year in the nationally recognized Gateway program to identify their strengths and interests and to optimize career-building opportunities such as internships and externships.
  • PARDNERS are Peer advisors are dynamic upperclass students who are maximizing their Lafayette experience through stellar academic performance, co-curricular involvement, and campus leadership.