The First-Year Seminar (FYS) introduces students to the academic and cultural life of the College. By focusing on one of a wide variety of intriguing course topics, students

  • develop strategies for interpretation and evaluation,
  • examine personal assumptions and biases, thereby building informed perspectives,
  • engage in writing as an act of intellectual and critical inquiry,
  • acquire an introductory understanding of research skills necessary for academic writing, and
  • begin to develop strategies for participating in discourse communities beyond the classroom.

Therefore, the required First-Year Seminar—which is normally limited to 16-17 students per course section—enables students to participate in an active learning environment during their first semester at Lafayette.
With almost 40 seminar topics to cover, many professors work together on co-curricular activities. These may include sponsoring a stimulating campus-wide lecture or attending a live performance at the Williams Center for the Arts. Many FYS instructors also choose to take their students on an educational road trip.

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