Living on campus will afford you many opportunities for both intellectual and social development.

Much of your out-of-classroom time will be spent in your residence hall. Your room can become your study space, your center for communications, and your social scene. Both formal and informal social opportunities abound in the halls. The resident advisor staff and Residence Hall Council organize hall events on a regular basis. Programs may entail getting a group together to attend a campus-sponsored event or organizing an in-house event based on the interest of the residents. Shared areas such as lounges and kitchens inspire impromptu gatherings throughout the week.  A casual exchange in the hallway with a floor-mate can teach you about customs and cultures other than your own.

  • Be sure you plan to arrive at the appointed day and time. Your arrival will run smoothly if we are expecting you. Coordinate room furnishings with your roommate to prevent doubling up.

Contact Information

Office of Residence Life

132 Farinon College Center
Easton, Pa 18042